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m3 Weld Cell by AWI

The m3 Weld cell is a high performance robotic welding systems that allows clients to get parts in production quickly without taking a lot of floor space.  It is extremely flexible and allows clients to weld a large variety of components of various alloys. 


Over 22 years of applications experience in robotic welding at your fingertips 


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Applications Expertise

Expertise in robotics and welding process technology


Turn Key Welding Solutions

A machine built around your parts and your production requirements

Equipment Integration

Safely add components to your weld cell and get the support and training to keep those components working properly.

Machines / Systems Available Quickly

Equipment available with quick turn around

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Automatic weld cells

Turn Key welding automation for fabricators and manufacturers. 

Weld your parts faster with superior quality

Increase your companies output capacity to be able to take on larger projects

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We build complete robotic machines and welding fixtures. 

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